Discussing the Purpose of Literature Review in Research Paper

The literature review is one of the most important parts of any paper. It is recommended that every student should get a literature review sample for research paper for different papers in various disciplines and see how it is written. In any paper, the main purpose of the literature review is that it surveys scholarly articles, books and all the other sources which are relevant to some particular theory, area of researching or issue.

By so doing, the literature review provides summary, description and critical evaluation of that other academic work with regard to academic problem which your paper is investigating. Generally speaking, literature review is designed to give the reader an overview of the sources which the author has explored during the study on some particular topic. It also demonstrates to the reader how that particular academic works fits in to the wider field of study.

What is included?

Many students want to know how to write literature review for research paper sample and this is what they need to know. The literature review may comprise of a short summary of key sources of information in your paper. However, in the social sciences, the literature review features organizational pattern, and this may combine synthesis and summary, in most cases, within some particular conceptual categories.

The summary is simply a recap of the vital information about the academic source. Synthesis, on the other hand is the reshuffling or re-organization of the information so as to inform the reader how you plan or intent to investigate the study problem.

The analytical features:

The reason why a student would visit this website is to help them know how to write better literature review, and in this regard, the analytical features of the literature review you need to know include the following –

  • Trace intellectual progression of this field.
  • Evaluate the sources of information and advice readers on the most relevant or pertinent study.
  • At the conclusion of the literature review, you will be able to identify the gaps which exist, in terms of the researches to solve a particular problem.

Purpose of the literature review:

Some of the purposes which can be identified in literature review in research paper example include the following –

  • Placing the work in terms of contribution to the understanding of the study problem one is studying;
  • Describing relationship of hat particular work to other works under consideration;
  • Identifying new ways of interpreting prior study work;
  • Revealing any gaps which exist in literature;
  • Resolving the conflicts which exist among the previous contradictory studies;
  • Identifying prior scholarship areas in order to avoid the duplication of efforts;
  • Pointing the ways of fulfilling the needs of additional investigation;
  • Locating own study in the content of the literature already in existence.